Gala harvest set to begin in Italy

Tuesday 3 August 2021

Apple harvesting is set to begin in the Po Valley with early Gala varieties. The first cuts are expected  this weekend, but as always, producers must be careful about the proper ripening times to avoid starting the season with poor quality fruit, which is not suitable to persuade the consumer to buy again.

"To date, the ripening of Gala fruit is a little behind normal. In the trees we actually see a lot of 70 caliber product - and the color is not yet optimal. This year it would be good to wait a few more days for the harvest: the ideal "It will most likely start at the end of next week," Giancarlo Minguzzi of Op Minguzzi told Alfonsine (Ravenna) to Italiafruit News.

The collection, divided into three parts, will continue throughout August and then it will be the turn of Fuji and Pink Lady. "In terms of quantities, in Emilia-Romagna we expect a normal Gala production according to 2020, a year with average production. Based on the first information, it seems that South Tyrol will have to manage an increased Gala harvest compared to 2020. An increase that, if confirmed, could be felt commercially. "




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