Apricot production predictions for Greece and Europe.

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Apricot production in Greece is expected to be reduced by up to 30%, compared to 2020. Production is also expected to be reduced in E.U. countries

The cultivation of apricot was one of those that was badly hit by the spring frost, not only in Greece but throughout Europe.

According to the first forecasts presented in the annual Medfel report, the production of apricots in Europe is expected to significantly decrease in volume during this marketing season.

Although data remain uncertain, the impact of the frost in early April on the main producing countries of France, Italy, Spain and Greece is expected to be severe.

Forecasts estimate that the volume of European apricots totals 344,000 tonnes, 20% below 2020 and an impressive 40% less than the 2015-2019 average.

Italy is projected to produce 154,200 tonnes, Spain 86,800 tonnes, Greece 55,000 tonnes and France 47,400 tonnes.


Source: agrotypos.gr


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